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Model Location Country
Self-propelled artillery
Sexton Australian Armour & Artillery Museum Australia
Sexton Canadian War Museum Canada
Sexton ASPHM France
Sexton August 1944 Museum France
Sexton Musée des Blindés France
Sexton Cavalry Tank Museum India
Sexton Polish Army Museum Poland
Sexton UMMC Military Museum Russia
Sexton National Museum of Military History (South Africa) South Africa
Sexton Queens Fort Military Museum South Africa
Sexton National War and Resistance Museum The Netherlands
Sexton Aldershot Military Museum United Kingdom
Sexton Imperial War Museum Duxford United Kingdom
Sexton Isle of Wight Military History Museum United Kingdom
Sexton Muckleburgh Collection United Kingdom
Sexton Royal Artillery Museum United Kingdom
Sexton Wheatcroft Collection United Kingdom
Sexton Wheatcroft Collection United Kingdom
Sexton A.A.F. Tank Museum USA
Sexton Battlefield Vegas USA
Sexton Indiana Military Museum USA
Sexton Russell Military Museum USA
Sexton Mk II Cobbaton Combat Collection United Kingdom
Sexton Mk II Battlefield Vegas USA