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Jagdpanther (command version) • Imperial War Museum London

(command version)
Imperial War Museum London
Lambeth Road
London SE1 6HZ
United Kingdom

Current Condition

Has three shell holes in the right hull side, and parts of the left hull and superstructure sides have been cut open to display the interior. Commander's hatch has been replaced with a wooden board. Otherwise in good condition.

Vehicle History

This example, hull number 300054, was a Command version of the Jagdpanther, with provision for extra radios. The rippled plaster coating was applied for protection against anti-tank mines. It was knocked out by Allied gunfire in North-West Europe and brought to England for evaluation by the British Army at Chertsey. It was later maintained by the Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham and transferred to the Museum in August 1969. From museum plaque.

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